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Tornado Bingo

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Tornado Factor

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Tornado Ultimate X


Lucki Gras e-Tabs

VBingo® System

VBingo® is the system used by charities and bingo venues everywhere to offer the world of excitement that is more commonly known as Tornado Bingo and Lucki-Gras e-tabs.

Tornado Games

24# Bingo Games

24# bingo games are pure fast paced bingo excitement for bingo players everywhere, and none more exciting than the world of Tornado.

Our Team

The people at Mountain Peak have been designing, producing and selling video bingo solutions since 1996. We specialize in the fast paced bingo games and video pull tab solutions highlighted on this site, however, we also offer other games, customer tracking and marketing solutions, For more information on available products and pricing please contact our team. We are pleased to assist you.

Our Support

We offer 24/7/365 support to the people and organizations using our software.

How to Get It

Our products for bingo halls are distributed directly by MPI and through our distributors and licensees. Contact us at 877-534-5999.

About Mountain Peak Investments, LLC

Since 2003 Mountain Peak Investments, LLC. has been developing software mainly, but not exclusively, for the charitable fundraising industry in the United States. Our products include bingo card-minding devices, add-on promotional games and e-tab devices.

Daily, our team is continuing to work hard building new software, adding features to our existing software and supporting our distributors and end users.

To learn more about our bingo equipment and software please visit contact us. To learn more about or promotional software please visit www.bingo-opoly.com or  www.gamut.bingo.